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Working with a psychologist coach can make the difference between wishing you'd improve your life and actually doing so. Available in the convenience of home or office, telephone coaching has become a popular resource for personal and professional development.  

Coaching provides regular scheduled reviews of motivation, of goals, and of actions taken and planned, and it has a surprisingly positive impact on performance and success.  In theory, what people accomplish with a coach could be achieved without a coach, but isn't.  In real life, the supportive accountability of coaching helps most people stay better motivated, focused, and persistent than they would otherwise be. 

Therapy emphasizes recovery, getting over problems. Coaching emphasizes getting on with things, moving beyond "normal." Most coaching clients don't want or need therapy.  Rather, they want help maintaining the discipline required to pay less attention to life's "urgent but unimportant" matters and more attention to life's neglected but important matters.

If you'd like to explore personal coaching further, I'd be glad to provide additional information by phone and to discuss how coaching could help you make those positive changes that you've long intended but never quite done.  

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